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Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular social media sites in the world today. Social media has become a crucial tool for promoting a business' products and services. Twitter became popular in social media because it allowed users to send short messages to the world, hoping that other users would see them (tweet) and respond. Originally, tweet messages were limited to 140 characters. Besides following messages on topics of interest, people started following messages on people they liked, such as celebrities, sportspersons and politicians.

Tweeting has become one of the most popular social media tools to express their views on any subject they choose. Due to the character limit, users are forced to write short, meaningful messages. Although most people use it for fun, some write and broadcast valuable messages.

What is a Twitter Card?

The popularity of Twitter has led to business owners using it to market their products. There have been instances where people have found a job after responding to a tweet about a vacancy. People who offer e-commerce services were thrilled when Twitter announced that it would introduce analytics for Twitter cards. Twitter users can now add images, videos, and product descriptions to their tweets. Using this method, the seller of a product can add an image of the product to the tweet.

As a result of providing Twitter cards, surveys indicated a 30% increase in viewers' response to tweets. Now e-commerce businesses can tweet about their top selling products and expect to receive better response.
Twitter Cards are similar to Open Graph for Facebook. By using Twitter cards, you can attach highly engaging content, including videos, photos, and other media to Tweets that drive web traffic. Adding some HTML to your code will automatically create a card that will be visible to your followers when people Tweet links to your website page.

Types of Twitter Cards

Customers can drive traffic to your website through Twitter cards in four different ways. Listed below are the four main types of Twitter cards:

  • Summary Card
  • Summary card with large image
  • App Card
  • Player Card
Summary cards have a title, description, and thumbnail.
Summary cards with large images display a prominent image, a title, and a description.
App cards provide direct access to mobile applications.
A player card can play audio and video files.
Twitter cards are easy to set up and use. No business can imagine reaching such a large audience with so little effort. The reason why a large number of businesses are using Twitter cards to promote their products is because a tweet can reach millions of members in matter of minutes.

How to use a Twitter Card Generator?

The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface and operates under the most simplified conditions. All you need to do is fill in all the empty text fields. Copies/pastes the code in the Header Tag of your website's HTML.

Choose the type of card you wish to generate. You will need to copy the generated code into your website's code after entering the required fields in the application. Using this code, you can create your Twitter card. If the Twitter card is not suitable, you can edit the code.
When you generate Twitter card meta tags for cards that contain video tags, you must be careful. Twitter specifies a maximum size for the video display.

Twitter Meta Tags Generator

Twitter posts content as Twitter cards with the meta tags "name="twitter: card" to share content in an interactive way. You can create Twitter card meta tags for your website with our 100% free Twitter Card Generator tool and share content on Twitter in an interactive way.

  • Type: You can choose from Player, App, Summary, Product, or Summary with Larger Image.
  • Site Username: Refers to your website's name with the prefix @.
  • Description: A description that appears in tweets.
  • App details: If a Twitter Card for the app is generated, enter details like name, ID, country, and Google Play ID.
When you enter details, these Meta tags will be automatically generated. To copy all the code, click the "Copy" button and press "Ctrl + C" or "Cmd + C." Add Meta tags to your website's head tags.