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Instagram Comment Picker

What is Instagram Comment Picker?

Our FREE tool Instagram Comment Picker is used to pick a sweepstake winner for your IG contest, giveaway, promotion, and games. Our giveaway winner picker can scoop out all the comments from IG posts or videos. You can filter out comments by choosing your own settings and selecting the sweepstake winner randomly. Remember: Our giveaway bot can be used only if the user has connected their Instagram business account to a Facebook page (You cannot use your personal Instagram account yet).

How to use Instagram Comment Picker?

Follow Below Steps

  • Step 1: You can use our Instagram random winner generator by simply tapping the Connect Instagram button above and logging into your Instagram account to retrieve all comments first and remove duplicate names from the IG post. You can choose the IG winner randomly from all comments by giving the requested access to your account. You don’t have to enter each name separately into the giveaway bot to select a sweepstake winner. Instead, you can click continue until your Instagram account is connected successfully.
  • Step 2: Now click next and select the post from which you want to pick the winner. You can include a comment and/or a hashtag that you want in the winning comment. You can also block any user you don’t want to participate. Finally, check the boxes if you want to exclude duplicate users or previous winners, and you’re done!
  • Step 3: You can directly reply to the user on Instagram by redirecting to the chosen Instagram post winner or directly exporting the Instagram comment to announce the winner on social media.
How to save Instagram Comment Picker results?

You can save your Instagram winner picker results after a draw. If you select the copy unique link button or any social media share option, you can save the results automatically by creating a unique URL link. This link can be used to reveal the giveaway winner on social media to show it’s done fairly and gain your audience’s trust.

Benefits of using an Instagram Comment Picker

We believe our IG comment picker is the best tool to choose your Instagram giveaway winner. Here’s why:

  • Our tool is completely FREE.
  • An unlimited number of comments.
  • No account sign-in or registration is needed.
  • An unlimited number of posts can be selected.
  • Options to filter Instagram comments by mentions, tags or duplicate account holders.
  • Option to block particular users.
  • Excellent support.
  • And More!


How much does the Instagram Comment Picker Cost?

Our Random Instagram comment picker is entirely FREE to use and does not need sign-up, registration, or any other payment method to gain money.

Is there a maximum limit in comments?

There is absolutely no limit to your comments. You can choose posts with 250,000, 500,000, or even 100,0000 comments. It works perfectly!

Why do I need to log in with Facebook and give permission? Can I use it without login in?

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook (Meta), you have to give us permission to access the particular post you want to pick. The permissions are only used to access the IG post comments through the official Facebook API, and we do not withhold or sell any user information on their behalf.

It says no comments found! What do I do?

If your giveaway post has all the comments and isn’t showing here, then ensure you’ve given us the proper rights when logging into your account and selecting the correct giveaway settings. You can also log out and re-login before changing or renewing the permissions buttons to allow it again. Contact us anytime if the issue still needs to be resolved. We’re happy to help.

Nothing happens when I press the Facebook Login button. What do I do?

Please know if you’ve already logged in while using any of our tools before, you can skip step one and continue with the next. Ensure that your AdBlocker, Privacy Badger, or virus scanner is turned off if the issue continues. If your browser blocks pop-ups, you can temporarily turn the blocker off.