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What is a Combinations Generator?

In combination generators, one or more lists of names or items are paired and generated into various combinations, either by group, random or based on input order.

By using a random combinations generator, you can generate a number of random combinations or all possible combinations at once. A combination of inputs can be random, sorted, unique & grouped into one list.

How to generate Random Combinations?
Follow these steps to generate all combinations from 1 to 2 list of items:
  1. In the first text box, enter list items or names.
  2. In the second text box, you can either enter another list item or type manually.
  3. Random combinations can be generated in various ways: all (random/sorted), unique (random/sorted), grouped by list (random/sorted), or a fixed number.
  4. Choose how you want the output of the combination to appear, with commas, newlines, spaces, the line between, or pipes.
  5. By clicking on the 'Generate combinations' button, you can generate all combinations of your selected type, copy them, and use them wherever you like.
  6. Click the "Clear words" button to clear the generated results.
Combinations Generator Examples
Here is an easy-to-follow example of the output of the combination generator with a list of numbers and letters.
Based on selected combinations, sort/random/unique output will be:
  • All (random) : “B-2 | A-1 | A-2 | B-1”
  • All (sorted) : “A-1 | A-2 | B-1 | B-2”

Unique combinations :
  • Unique random: “A-2 | B-1”
  • Unique sorted: “A-1 | B-2”
All pairs grouped by a list :
  • All grouped by list 1 (random) : “A-2 | A-1” & “B-2 | B-1”
  • All grouped by list 1 (sorted) : “A-1 | A-2” & “B-1 | B-2”
  • All grouped by list 2 (random) : “A-1 | B-1” & “A-2 | B-2”
  • All grouped by list 2 (sorted) : “B-1 | A-1” & “B-2 | B-2”
Combinations in one list :
  • All combinations from list 1 only (random): “A-B”
  • All combinations from list 1 only (sorted): “A-B”
  • All combinations from list 2 only (random): “1-2”
  • All combinations from list 2 only (sorted): “1-2”
Feel free to use combinations generators with these types. Don't forget to tell your friends about it :)

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