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Facebook Comment Export Tool

Our FREE Facebook Comments Export tool allows you to extract and export Facebook comments from posts on your Facebook page and commenters’ names to an Excel sheet in CSV format.

Important: Your comment data is not stored, sold, or shared by us. Only your browser and the Facebook API are used to download comments. It is strictly used for personal use only. We take care of your followers’ privacy.

How to Export Facebook Comments?

Pre-Installation Requirements:

  1. Log in using the Facebook page’s admin account.
  2. Allow “Read user content on your Page.”
  3. Choose your Facebook page.
  4. Enter a Facebook URL or pick a Facebook post.
  5. Choose the Facebook comment export options.
  6. Select Facebook Comment Export.
Your Facebook comments will now be retrieved, downloaded, and exported in CSV format.

The following information can be found in the Excel sheet:

  1. A Facebook user name who’ve commented.
  2. The Facebook comment
  3. The like count of the comment.
  4. The comment’s date.
  5. Comment ID.
  6. Parent Comment ID (if a comment is a reply).
  7. The comment’s URL.
  8. And Post ID
Benefits of using a Facebook Comment Export tool?

Downloading the Facebook comments will allow you to:

  1. Use our wheel of names to collect names to choose a winner for your Facebook giveaway or competition.
  2. Use our Facebook Comment Picker to see if the comments, comment count, and commenters match.
  3. Examine your Facebook followers and comments.
  4. In the menu, select “More Options.”
  5. Back up your Facebook posts’ comment information.

Export settings for Facebook comments

  1. You can select export choices after choosing your Facebook page and post. Below are several options you can choose for the Facebook comment export tool.
  2. Minimum number of tagged friends
  3. If you use this option, each comment must be mentioned by a certain number of friends before it is exported. Up to 10 of your listed friends can be chosen from the options.
  4. Remove repeated users.
  5. When this filter is turned on, we will remove numerous comments from the same user. The export will only contain this user’s initial remark. A user ID is obtained from Facebook to identify a certain repeated user.
Add comment responses?

If this option is enabled, comment replies are included in the comment export. Comment replies are omitted from the comment export by default. While exporting, you will also receive the parent comment ID for the response.

Sort comments before exporting.?

The comments can be sorted in Excel by the Facebook user’s name, date (newest first), date (oldest first), and the number of likes.

Use a specific text to filter comments?

A second text field where you can insert a certain word, hashtag, or response will display if you enable this filter. The text needs to be in a comment in order to be exported.

Why does it show no comments found when I have them on my post?

Comment export fields

  1. The CSV file will contain the fields that you choose from this list. We choose the username and comment by default.
How much is the tool going to cost? Are there any restrictions?

We don’t have any restrictions as the tool is absolutely FREE to use.

Can I download comments from Facebook on my personal profile or other (public) Facebook sites I manage?

Only the comments on your Facebook business page can be exported. We are not authorized to use the Facebook API to retrieve comments from your personal profile or any publicly accessible Facebook sites.

Can I export facebook comments from the plugin?

It is possible to export comments from a Facebook Comments Export plugin integrated into a third-party website.

Enter the link to the page with the embedded comment box and choose the Facebook Comments Export plugin to export comments.

Why do I see strange characters in my CSV file?

Some versions of Excel have a known bug that causes strange characters in CSV files. To make the odd characters better:

  1. Launch Excel.
  2. According to the version, use one of the following methods to import CSV:
  3. Data > From CSV or Text.
  4. Data > External Data Import > Data Import.
  5. Change the character set or file origin to 65001: Unicode (UTF-8).
  6. Finish or load the import.