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Facebook Group Post Comment Picker

What is a Facebook Group Comment Picker?

Using our FREE tool Facebook Group Comment Picker, you can choose a random comment from a Facebook group post as the winner of a contest or lottery within the Facebook group.

We support all types of Facebook groups on this tool.

Thank you for choosing our Random Facebook Group Comment Picker, and don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and coworkers.

How can I use this Random Facebook Group Comment Picker?

The following process is easy to follow:

  1. You can use the random winner generator by simply tapping the Connect Facebook button above and logging into your Facebook account to retrieve all comments and remove duplicate names from the Facebook group post.
    You can choose a winner randomly from all comments by giving the requested access to your account.
    You don’t have to enter each name separately into this giveaway tool to select a winner for your competition or contest. Instead, you can click continue until your Facebook account is connected successfully.
  2. Now click next and select the group and the post from which you want to pick the winner.
    Users can add or remove comment word/hashtags/users from the winner comments.
    Now tick mark the boxes to remove duplicate users/prior winners and you’re all set.
  3. You can directly reply to the user on Facebook by redirecting to your Facebook group winner or exporting to announce the winner on social media.

Which data is accessible to the Facebook Group Comment Picker?

Your Facebook grants access to all the comments and posts from your group to our Group Comment Picker after logging in.

FYI, we DO NOT hold any user information from any of your groups. Therefore, we require all your members to grant access to the group to obtain group members’ names and the individuals who posted the comments.

To obtain group permissions, we submitted our tool to a Facebook review. Doing this will make sure that user’s data/personal information is not stored or used in any sense.

How much does the Facebook Group Comment Picker cost??

Our Random Facebook group comment picker is entirely FREE to use and does not need sign-up, registration, or any other kind of payment.

Can I use this tool for my private/closed Facebook group?

YES! We do support both open and closed Facebook groups. Ensure that the Comment Picker Group is added to your Facebook group and that you ask your group members to grant our tool the rights.

Why is my winner unknown?

Your winner is showing unknown is probably because of the Facebook’s privacy policies. If they’ve granted access to use their username in your raffle (which is a default feature), you’ll see their name in the game. If not, you can request them.

Why does nothing happen when I click the Facebook Login button?

Check your internet connection before pressing the login button. You can also check your privacy settings for any ad blockers preventing the process and turn them off.

Sometimes the browser’s Do Not Track setting prevents the Facebook script from running. If you cannot see the login button, please enable Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser’s settings.

Why am I only seeing a small number of posts from my group?

If you don’t see any posts, ensure you have the Random Facebook Group Comment Picker tool installed within your group and that you have granted all permissions in the Facebook login window on our website.

The Facebook API only allows us to retrieve group posts from the last 90 days. This could be why you couldn’t see your group posts.

Is it appropriate to choose a winner at random?

We use our one-of-a-kind algorithm to select a random comment from all comments. We do not have any access to choosing a custom winner from our tool.

How to share the raffle results?

After a draw is completed, sharing buttons and a link is given to share the game results which you can then post on your website or share on social media.