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Facebook Group Post Comment Picker

What is a Facebook Group Comment Picker?

Using our FREE tool Facebook Group Comment Picker, you can choose a random comment from a Facebook group post as the winner of a contest or lottery within the Facebook group. Both closed, private & open Facebook groups are supported by our Group Picker tool.

Pre-Installation Requirements:

You need to install the Comment Picker app in your group app and ask group members to make it work before you can use our app. See below. Before using the Random Group Comment Picker, you must install the Comment Picker app in your group app and request other group members for it to work – See below. Thank you for choosing our Random Facebook Group Comment Picker, and don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and coworkers.

How to use a Random Facebook Group Comment Picker?

To work for groups, you and your group member must follow a few pre-installation requirements for Random Comment Picker.

  1. You must invite group members to grant access to the Comment Picker group app and add it to your Facebook group.
How do group apps work?

How to add a Facebook Group Comment Picker app to my group?

You must be the group administrator to add a group app to your Facebook group. Only the desktop browser’s built-in group apps feature can be added.

Find your group on Facebook.

  1. In the left menu, select ‘Settings. ‘
  2. Scroll to the Advanced Settings page.
  3. Click the edit icon under the Apps.
  4. Click Add Apps.
  5. Look for the Group Comment Picker.
  6. Select the app.
  7. Add Comment Picker to your group applications.
How to grant access to the comment picker app as a group member?

You must ask your group members to grant access to their posts and any comments they have left to acquire the names of everyone who commented on your group postings. (Be sure to add the Comment Picker group app first.)

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Visit your Facebook group.
  2. Press three dots in the top right corner.
  3. Click Group Apps.
  4. Click on Facebook Group Comment Picker.
  5. Turn ON the “Authored posts and comments” option.
  6. You can now have access to your name through our app.
Which data is accessible to the Facebook Group Comment Picker?

The Group Comment Picker tool has access to the posts and comments of the groups you have given permission for during Facebook login.

By default, we don’t have access to any of the group members’ personal user information. Therefore, we require all your members to grant access to the group app to obtain group members’ names and the individuals who posted the comments.

We are not authorized to post anything on behalf of your group of group participants. To obtain group permissions, we submitted this app to a Facebook review. This ensures that we won’t keep or sell your group data or the personal information of your group members.

Benefits of using a Facebook Group Comment Picker

The various benefits of a Facebook group comment picker are listed below:

  1. Include Comment Replies

    The comment replies are excluded by default in the raffle, but when turned on, Comment replies can be seen included in the comments.

  2. Filter Unknown Users

    Only you can obtain the commentators’ names if they grant access to the group comment picker app. You’ll see it as ‘unknown’ in the winner’s name if the access is denied.

  3. This makes picking the raffle winner extremely challenging. By selecting this option, any users who’ve refused to grant permission for the Comment Picker group app will be filtered out.
  4. Remove Repeated Users

    When this filter is enabled, you can eliminate duplicate comments submitted by a single user. A user ID obtained from Facebook serves is used to identify a duplicate user to filter it.

    When you choose this option, you’ll only receive users who have given permission for the Group Comment Picker app to exchange information. These rights are necessary to obtain user data such as name and ID.

  5. Text-based Filter on Comments

    An extra text field where you can insert a specific word, hashtag, or response will display if you enable this filter. This means before a comment is included in the contest, it should contain this text.

  6. Include More Entries

    By choosing ‘Include More entries,’ you can add extra entries to the tool. A text field will appear where you may enter the names of the other items.

    These additional entries included in the total number of comments are unrelated to the commenters. Each entry can be added with a new line or separated by a comma.

    Where to use? Those who liked your page, shared the posts or subscribed to your newsletter can be included using this option.

  7. Block or Exclude Users

    You can exclude users by choosing the “Exclude/block users” option. A text field will appear where you can enter the names of persons you want to disqualify from the competition.

    Each name can be added on a new line or separated by a comma. This option may be helpful if you wish to prevent prior winners from winning again. To make it work, the user’s name as it appears on their Facebook profile should be entered.

How much does the Facebook Group Comment Picker cost?

Our Random Facebook group comment picker is entirely FREE to use and does not need sign-up, registration, or any other kind of payment.

Can I use this tool for my private/closed Facebook group?

YES! we do support both open and closed Facebook groups. Ensure that the Comment Picker group app is added to your Facebook group and that you ask your group members to grant our tool the rights.

Why is my winner unknown?

We could obtain their name and ID only if the commenter of your group granted access to the Facebook Group Comment Picker. Please request access permissions from your group members for the Comment Picker group app to work.

Why do I need to grant my group permission and request others to give access to our group?

To obtain all the information required to use the Group Comment Picker, Facebook specifies to request these permissions.

Why does nothing happen when I click the Facebook Login button?

Make sure you are not using any privacy badges or ad blockers. These might prevent the Login button from loading the Facebook script.

Sometimes the browser’s Do Not Track setting prevents the Facebook script from running. If you cannot see the login button, please enable Do Not Track (DNT) in your browser’s settings. Ensure that your browser is not blocking pop-ups.

Why am I only seeing a small number of posts from my group?

If you don’t see any posts, ensure you have the Random Facebook Group Comment Picker tool installed within your group and that you have granted all permissions in the Facebook login window on our website.

The Facebook API only allows us to retrieve group posts from the last 90 days. This could be why you couldn’t see your group posts.

Is it appropriate to choose a winner at random?

We use the Javascript method math.random to select a random comment from all comments. We cannot influence the outcome of any raffle, so please do not send a message asking to select yourself as the winner.

How to share the raffle results?

You will notice many sharing buttons and a copy link button after an occurred draw. One of the buttons can be used to save the raffle results, which you can then post on your website or share on social media.