Random Team Generator


Are you looking to generate random groups from a list of names? With the help of a Team generator, you can easily create random groups by entering a list of names. Choose the number of groups and you will be able to create a randomized team.

You can copy or print the random team list or export the group in Excel.

How to use the Random Theme Generator?

The following steps will help you quickly create teams and groups:
  1. List names in the tool input box, each separated by a comma.
  2. Specify your requirements in the "check box".
    • Split names by space
    • Filter duplicates names
  3. Enter the number of teams you want to create.
  4. Click the "Generate Teams" button after completing the above steps.
  5. Lists of team members can be copied, printed, or exported in Excel.

What is a Team Generator?

The online tool has been designed to ensure ease of use and intuitive control. All you need to do is enter the names in the list and set the group settings. A team can be divided into groups based on the number of members.

Why use a Team Generator?

A team generator can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as,
  • Creating random teams when you're having fun and socializing.
  • You can create groups for any (Board) game.
  • Team up for sports, such as soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Football teams.
  • Students can be split up into small groups to work on projects or events.

Generate Groups by Number of Teams

Having to divide a large group of people into smaller groups is a useful tool in a class setting. You can choose the option: "Generate teams based on a number of teams". In this case, we get all participants and divide them by the number of teams you choose.

For example, you would like to create five groups from 50 members. Select this option and enter 5. The tool will create 5 random groups with 10 participants in each team.

How many names or participants can the tool handle?

There is no limit, the tool can handle many names to generate random groups.