What is Webpage Word Counter?
Webpage word counter is a free online tool that helps you count the number of words on a particular webpage. There are times when you are amazed by that one article or blog, you may be curious to know what words and how many numbers of words the author or blogger have used in the content. That is when tools such as website webpage word counter come in to play. You can use this tool to analyze the webpage.
How to use webpage Word Counter?

To use our webpage word counter online is really easy. Follow these simple steps:
  • Simply copy the webpage URL you want to know the count about.
  • Paste it in the textbox above and click on the magical button named Count Words.
    It will then show you the results instantly. Unlike other webpage counters out there which only shares the total number of words, we show you the results in detail with its keywords, quantity and density.
  • Once you enter the desired URL of a webpage. You will see results in two boxes, the First one being Unique Keywords and the Second one being All keywords.

    The unique keywords section consists of words without stop words. Stop words are words that do not add meaning to a sentence. For eg: the, he, you, etc.
    Whereas the All keywords section consists of words that include all the words in the webpage including stop words.

The best part of using this tool is it shows you the keyword density along with the number of keywords.
Why is Webpage Word Counter important?
If you are a Translator and have to charge a fee to translate a particular webpage or blog post, counting each and every word will be difficult. Here is where this tool comes to your rescue. You can simply enter the URL and get the desired results.

In the day and age of blogging, there are still some website builders that do not support word counter by default. So, don’t forget to bookmark this page now for your regular use. If instead of the whole page, you just want to know the total number of words in a particular content. We have a tool for that as well. {Word counter} helps you to know the total number of words and their keyword density.

This tool will help you in analyzing the words used in the article/blog. Which will eventually help you in SEO and improving search results for your webpage. Knowing the right amount of keywords used in your webpage or your competitors and analyzing and improving the content will benefit your website in the long run.

If this tool has helped you in achieving your goal, do consider sharing it with others.