Transform slug text into SEO-friendly and human-readable URLs

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What is an online Slug Generator?
In a nutshell, a "slug generator" is an online service that automatically generates the URL of your blog post, also known as the "slug." The slug then becomes the name of the post, which is how search engines find it.
How do you Slugify your Text?
By using these simple steps, you can slugify any text online.
  1. The textbox provides a space to enter the text, and multiple items can be slugified by adding them on a new line.
  2. Transform the text into a slug by clicking the slugify button.
  3. After you have completed the above steps, click on your slug and copy it.
How do Slugs work?
In URLs, a slug is a phrase located at the end which identifies specific pages on your website. Using a URL slug, you can describe the page or post in a few words. As an example, In this article: the slug simply is “find-Instagram-id”. It’s in an SEO-friendly format as each word is always in lowercase and the URL slug is split by a dash ( - ).
A slug can be read both by humans and by URL crawlers. You can make your page content more understandable to your users by keeping your slug concise and expressive (1-5 words). Additionally, this will improve your search engine optimization.
How do you create friendly Slugs/URLs?
Using the following steps, SEO-friendly URLs can be generated very easily:
  • Changing special characters to text, such as # to hashtag.
  • Removing the following characters from the text: !”@#$%&’()*,.\\/:;<->_?{\}^`[/]~
  • Changing the text to lowercase.
  • Substituting a dash (-) for the space.
Is it possible to Slugify a List of Items?
Our slug generator allows you to slugify a list of items just by adding them to the textbox and separating each item by a newline. By clicking on the "generate" button, you will get a clean URL slug instantly. Please feel free to use this tool. Feel free to share with your friends and if you have a question, we'll assist you.