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About JSON Formatter

A JSON formatter is a tool that can be used to format JSON data into a human-readable format. This can be useful when you need to view or edit JSON data or when you want to convert JSON data into a different format such as XML. JSON formatters can also minify JSON data, which can be useful for reducing the size of JSON data files.

JSONFormatter is a JSON editor and validator that has features such as syntax highlighting, formatting. It was originally derived from Javascript by Douglas Crockford. But now, almost all the modern programming languages are able to parse it without any issues. Its syntax is also very similar to JavaScript's syntax which makes it easy for programmers to use JSON format in their projects.

What is JSON?

Data objects consisting of attribute-value pairs are expressed using JSON, a language-independent, open data format. While JSON data was originally derived from JavaScript, it can now be generated and parsed with JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby or Java.

Why use JSON?

JSON is a versatile format for storing data that many different programming languages can use. It is easy for humans to read and write and for machines to parse and generate. JSON is a great choice for storing data in a structured format.

What is a proper format for JSON?

A proper format for JSON would be an object that contains key-value pairs, where the keys are strings and the values are also strings. The keys should be unique and should be enclosed in double-quotes. The values should be enclosed in single quotes.

Can I pass my JSON data in url?

Yes! A GET or POST request with the following query parameters will populate and process your JSON data automatically:


JSON Data or a URL


fourspace, threespace, twospace, compact, or onetab


rfc8259, rfc7159, rfc4627, ecma404, or skip


true or false


true or false

How do I choose the right JSON specification?

To ensure the highest level of compatibility, we recommend validating JSON with the latest specification, RFC 8259.

Why format JSON Online?

It saves time, is fast and secure, and doesn't require any software installation. JSON can be cleaned and formatted easily

How do I beautify JSON in Chrome?

You can use our JSON formatter tool to beautify it in Chrome.

What does JSON stand for?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation