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Facebook Post Comment Picker

What is a Facebook Post Comment Picker?

Using our FREE online tool Random Facebook Post Comment Picker, you can quickly select a winner for a Facebook giveaway, lottery, contest, or promotion.

How to use a random Facebook comment picker?

You can use the random winner generator by providing your Facebook post URL so it can retrieve all comments and remove duplicate names from the Facebook post. You can choose a winner randomly from all comments by clicking the Start button. You don’t have to enter each name separately into this giveaway tool in order to select a winner for your competition or contest. Instead, using the Facebook API, you can log in to your account to get all the comments on a single post. If you couldn’t access our random winner generator, that means due to certain restrictions, we cannot obtain all comments for each post. Note: The posts from personal or private accounts are not accessible.

Benefits of using a Facebook Post Comment Picker?

Our random Facebook giveaway picker can be beneficial for various purposes. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Our random giveaway picker is most useful when you have a giveaway competition or a lottery on Facebook to increase your reach.
  2. You can easily pick one or multiple winners from the dashboard using our tool. You can also unpick people who do not meet your eligibility conditions.
  3. Using our random Facebook comment picker, you can collect contact information and verify the eligibility of your winners.
Where do I get my Facebook URL?

Follow the steps below to find your post’s Facebook URL on your web browser or Facebook app. Find Facebook URL through the Facebook app:

  1. Activate the Facebook app.
  2. Go to the Facebook post there.
  3. Click the “Share” icon below your post.
  4. In the menu, select “More Options.”
  5. Select ‘Copy’ to copy the Facebook URL link to your clipboard and paste it into our tool.

Find Facebook URL through your web browser:

  1. Go to Facebook with any (mobile) browser and log in with Facebook.
  2. Go to the Facebook post and click on the date or time of the post
  3. The browser will guide you to a new page with your post.
  4. You can copy the URL from the browser’s address bar.
  5. Paste the URL inside our tool.
How much does the Facebook post comment picker cost?

Our Random Facebook post comment picker is entirely FREE to use and does not need sign-up, registration, or any other kind of payment.

Why should I log in to my Facebook, and do I need to permit our page?

You have to log in to your Facebook to access our tool. You can access your comment by giving permission to access your posts and comments. No data will be published on your behalf.

Why isn’t my URL working?

This frequently occurs when requesting comments from individual profiles or other pages. Personal accounts and posts from pages not owned by you are not supported by our tool.

Only the posts and comments from the Facebook pages you have permitted us to see are available.

Why does it show no comments found when I have them on my post?

This might occur if:

  1. You are attempting to view comments on articles that are not your own.
  2. The URL for your Facebook post needed to be corrected.
  3. You’re not authorized to access your page, or your access token has expired.
  4. Facebook’s API isn’t working.

Please ensure that you granted the proper permissions and typed the correct URL before logging out and logging back in with the valid admin account for the page.

Can I use a Facebook post comment picker for groups?

Yes! You can use our FREE Facebook group comment picker tool to declare your giveaway winners from your Facebook group.

Do you store or sell my Facebook data?

We don’t keep or sell any of your Facebook data. Everything takes place on the client side of your browser. All of your data can be deleted by clearing the cache and cookies and removing our tool from Facebook apps.

Can I select a comment and win the giveaway myself?

No, we won’t ever try to alter how our tools behave. Our resources are equally distributed and absolutely random. Do not request that we choose you as the winner since it is against our privacy policies.