Online Base64 decode tool

About Base64 decode

Base64 decode tool is a handy tool that helps you decode base64 encoded text. It is simple to use and easy to understand. This tool is very helpful in decoding text that has been encoded using the base64 algorithm.

Base64 is a standard for encoding binary data into text format. This tool allows you to decode a Base64-encoded string back into the original binary data. This is useful when you need to transfer binary data over a medium that only supports text data, such as email.

Standards used by Base64 decode tool

When looking for an online Base64 decode tool, it is important to find one that adheres to the standards set forth by the IETF. The IETF, or the Internet Engineering Task Force, is responsible for creating and maintaining the standards for the internet. The Base64 decode tool should adhere to the standards set forth in RFC 4648, which is the most current standard for Base64 encoding. Additionally, the tool should be able to handle Base64URL encoding, as specified in RFC 4648. Base64URL is a variant of Base64 that is typically used in URL and file name parameters.

What can you do with Base64 Decode?

Base64 is a way of encoding data so that it can be safely transmitted over the internet. When you decode Base64 data, you can get back the original data that was encoded. This can be useful for viewing data that was sent to you in Base64 format, or for decoding data that you have encoded yourself.

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How to decode Base64?

Decoding a base64 is really simple using Online base64 converter. Just enter the Base64 string and click on the Decode Base64 button. The tool will then start the decoding process and give you the results for you to copy!

What is Base64?

Base64 is a way of representing binary data in a text-based format. It is often used to represent data in a text format, such as email attachments. Base64 is a way of representing binary data in a text-based format. It is often used to represent data in a text format, such as email attachments.

How long does it take to decode Base64?

Decoding Base64 takes less than a minute on our free online tool.

What is Base64 decode used for?

When binary data needs to be stored and transferred over ASCII-compatible media, Base64 encoding schemes are commonly used. In this way, the data will remain intact during transport without being altered.

How can you tell if something is Base64 encoded?

In base64 encoding, the character set consists of [A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and + /]. When the rest length is less than 4, '=' characters are used to pad the string. It means that the string starts with 0 or more base64 groups ([A-Za-z0-9+/][4]).

Why Base64 is needed to transfer images?

Base64 can only be used for very small images. When it comes to larger images, the encoded size in bytes will be much larger than when it comes to JPEGs or PNGs.

What is the maximum size of Base64 data that can be decoded?

The value for Base64 ranges from -1 to 65535. In MIME attachments, a value of -1 disables base64 decoding. 0 sets unlimited decoding of base64 encoded MIME attachments.

How long can a base64 string be?

Base64 encodes 24-bits of data using four ascii characters. By splitting the three bytes into four 6-bit numbers, it encodes the data. A 6-bit number can represent 64 possible value.