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What is a flip text generator?
Flip text or Upside text generator is a tool that transforms a normal text into its Unicode counterparts. It turns or should we say flips the text 180°. This tool can be used for multiple reasons, but mostly for fun and amuse people.
How to use an upside down text generator?
Using this tool is really easy. You just have to follow these simple steps. First, type down the text, you want to see flipped or directly paste it into the input text above.
As soon as you enter the text, you can see them in the upside down format in the boxes below. This tool provides you the upside down text in two ways in two different boxes.
In the first box, you get upside down text in a reverse format of the words. In the second box, you get the text in mirror text. Directly flipped!
You can directly copy the text and share it.

Let’s show you an example:
Normal text: This is a normal text which you will enter in the input box above.
Upside down text with reverse text:˙pəlqɐuə ʇxəʇ əsɹəʌəɹ ɥʇıʍ ʇxəʇ uʍop-əpısdn sı sıɥꓕ
Upside down text: ꓕɥıs ɐ ɟlıddəp ʇəxʇ oɹ ɐs ʍə ɔɐll ıʇ ndsıpə-poʍu ʇəxʇ˙

Also note that, unlike other upside down generators out there, this tool is case sensitive. So its on you if you want the text in capital or in small letters. We’ve got you covered.
Where can Upside down text be used?
It’s mainly used for fun and to amuse friends and family. You can use it in your Instagram bio. Some creative people may also use it in presentations or even for promotions.
In the year 2018 pop star Ariana Grande released multiple posts with captions using upside down text to promote hew album “No Tears Left To Cry”. Fans were amazed by this and wanted to know how she did this. Now you can do this as well using this free upside down text generator.

Did you know there is a writing style or should we call it calligraphy named Ambigram calligraphy. This was introduced by American scholar Douglas Hofstadter. In this writing style, the words when reversed are similar. For example, SWIMS, SOS, SEAS, POD, DOLLOP, etc

Then there are some words when flipped have a different meaning. For example, MOM when flipped reads as WOW.

Upside down text generators can be used for many different purposes. Do share it and amaze your followers and friends on social media.