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Generate QR codes for URLs for free

What is a Dynamic URL QR code generator?

A URL to QR Code Generator converts a link into a scannable QR code. This helps users to just scan the QR code and be redirected to a page on the web without a need to manually type in the URL in the browser.

The URL link can be targeted towards a website, a landing page, an app, or any service you provide on the internet. You can display one link per QR code. So, if you have multiple links you can use the above tool to convert as many URLs into QR codes as you want for free.

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How to convert a URL to QR code for free?

  1. To start with, select the URL option from the drop-down list.
  2. Now in the input text box, enter your desired URL link. Once done, click on Generate button.
  3. Once the QR code is generated you can download, share or print the code from the Your QR code section.

Where can we use URL QR codes?

Following are some of the use cases where you can use the URL to QR code, these may be some examples, you can be innovative and find some unique ways to use the code for your benefit.

  • The QR code can be used by publishing houses to promote more of their books. For example, they can add QR codes in libraries, or on books, and target them to the landing page for new books they have for sale.
  • Consumer goods manufacturing units can use QR codes to display details like expired date, date of manufacturing, location of manufacturing, the authenticity of the product, etc of the packaged food or product. This can help them build brand value and trust among the customers
  • Real estate agencies can use URLs to QR codes to target landing pages of properties they have and display the codes at their shops, display signs, and advertisements.
  • Bloggers can upload the QR codes to social media sites, in the form of images to attract more users to their websites.