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Create SMS QR codes for free

What is an SMS QR code Generator?

SMS refers to a Short Message Service that is used to communicate between mobile devices via text messaging. You can send or receive an SMS with a preformatted message to a pre-decided number with the help of a QR code SMS.

Our free QR code generator can generate as many QR codes as you want so that you can create different QR codes for different phone numbers and messages.
You can generate Text QR codes in different formats like:

  • A QR code with just the Phone number
  • A QR code with both a phone number and preformatted message
  • A QR code with just the text message without a phone number
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How to generate an SMS QR Code?

  1. To start with, select the SMS option from the QR code type dropbox.
  2. Now enter the Phone number you want to send the SMS to.
  3. Lastly, type in a preformatted message in the input box. Then click on the Generate button to create a QR code.
  4. Now download, print, and share the QR code by choosing the desired option.

Where can we use an SMS QR code?

  • If you belong to an organization where you have to send repeated and same details to all your customers, you can generate a QR code and share it with them or display them on your notice boards.
  • If you are looking for a donation, you can share payment details with your supporters by asking them to scan the SMS QR code.
  • Shopkeepers can share QR codes with their customers to get feedback or complaints.
  • Restaurant owners can print the Quick Response codes on their takeaway menu so that customers can order food by scanning the QR code.