HTML Formatter & Beutifier

About Online HTML Formatter Tool

HTML Formatter is a tool that helps you format your HTML code in a more readable and tidy way. It can also help you beautify your code, making it more presentable and professional-looking. Our HTML Formatters offer features such as syntax highlighting, code indentation, and the ability to format code according to your own preferences.

How to format/ beautify HTML?

You can format and beautify your HTML code in a few different ways. One way to format your HTML is to hand-code it using a text editor such as Notepad++, VS code, or Sublime Text. When hand-coding, it is important to indent your code properly to make it more readable. You can also use comments to add notes to your code.

Another way is you can use a CSS stylesheet to add style and formatting to your HTML code. This is a more advanced method, but it can effectively make your code look more professional.

Finally to use our online code beautifier. This tool will automatically clean up your code and make it more readable.

Why beautify HTML code?

There are many reasons to beautify HTML code. First and foremost, it can make code more readable and easier to maintain. Secondly, it can help to improve the overall appearance of a website. And lastly, it can make it easier to debug code and spot errors.

What is the proper format for HTML?

The proper format for HTML is a strict format that includes a well-defined set of rules. This format is necessary to ensure that web pages are displayed correctly, and to maintain consistent behavior across different browsers and devices. The format is also important for SEO purposes, as it helps search engines index and rank web pages.

  • Use spaces instead of tabs to indent text.
  • Each level of indentation should be indented by two spaces.
  • For elements and attributes, use all lowercase letters.
  • Leave trailing spaces at the end of lines (except in Markdown).