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Online WiFi QR Code Generator

Did you find it annoying every time you share your WiFi details with someone? You have to give all your wifi details repeatedly. To solve this we have made an easier and secure way for you to share WiFi details with anyone instantly. Just scan and connect.

You can generate Wifi QR codes even if your WiFi network is hidden or public. Generate a scannable QR code for your WiFi for free and without the need to signup with your personal details. Easily share wifi details with your friends, family, and customers securely.

The QR code can be used for a lifetime, except if you change the password. In case of a password or any other settings change you will have to generate a new QR code. Also try out our Text QR code Generator

How to make a QR code for WiFi?

  1. Select the WiFi option from the QR type Dropdown list.
  2. Next, enter the name of your WiFi network in the SSID field.
  3. Tick the Hidden Checkbox option if your WiFi network is set to hidden. If it’s not hidden ignore this step.
  4. Enter your WiFi password in the password input box, passwords are case sensitive so, do check if you have entered the exact password. If your network is not open and not password protected, you can leave the password field empty
  5. Now, select the Wifi Encryption you’ve chosen for your network. Wifi security protocols are WPA/WPA2, WEP, and None.
  6. Click on the Generate to create your free custom WiFi QR code.
  7. Once the code is generated, you can download, print, and share it by clicking on the respective buttons.

To connect the user has to simply open their Camera app or a QR code scanner app and scan the QR code, next they will get a prompt notification to connect to the network. Once the user clicks on the Connect option the device will then connect to the Wifi network.

Where can we use a free WiFi QR code?

  • Restaurants or cafes can print QR codes on receipts or make a small stand on the counters for the consumers to directly scan and connect to the Wifi rather than repeatedly asking for wifi passwords.
  • You can simply print a QR code and keep it for your friends and family who come over for a visit. They can connect to your home wifi easily by scanning the code you have printed.
  • If you own a bread and breakfast property or a rental property, you can print a QR code for your guests to scan easily and connect to the individual WiFi network without the need to manually typing the details.
  • Other use cases can be at waiting areas of Railway stations, Hospitals or clinics, Public parks, and government offices.