Microsoft is No Longer Selling Windows 10 License from January 31

No more windows 10

Word is Microsoft is no longer selling Windows 10 licenses on their website. This operating system version was the best and most popular among Windows users for around seven years. Windows 10 had a global market share of 67.95% in 2022. However, with the current update, people are quite disheartened. 

Microsoft said – “January 31, 2023, would be the last day when Microsoft Windows 10 is on sale. However, your Windows 10 will be protected with security updates that will help you protect your computer from malware and viruses until October 14, 2025.”

Windows 10 was first launched in 2015 by Microsoft and offered a genuine key to the users of Windows 7 and 8, who were upgraded without having to pay any additional fees. However, there will be no security support for these users after discontinuing the 10 operating systems for Windows 7 and 8 on January 10 2023. Hence, if you are using Windows 7 or 8, it is time to upgrade to safeguard your PC and devices.

Why Upgrade From Windows 10?

If you are worried about the new Windows 11 operating system, then the below-mentioned features will help you with the idea of why you must upgrade –

  • It has a snap layout to help you multi-tasking if you are a content creator and developer.
  • One of the best parts is – Windows 11 supports android apps. This means you can use the app on your phone and your PC.
  • Windows 11 has many gaming features such as – DirectX 12 Ultimate, DirectStorage, XBox Controller Support, and many more. These features enhance your gaming experience.
  • If you use the original version of Windows 11, you do not even have to pay to download the app from the store.

So, those who want to purchase Windows 10 will have only a few days until the deal is over. Also, the end of the sale on the official website does not mean it is not available by other means. You can get Windows 10 on Amazon on DVDs. 


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