Hide Instagram Photos

How to Hide Instagram Photos without Deleting Them?


Here’s a short and simple summary of how to hide Instagram photos. This is what you need to do:

✓ To hide your Instagram photos, tap three dots to open the menu and select Archive to hide the photo from your profile.

✓ You can reaccess the archive photos by simply tapping the three-dash menu icon and selecting Archive and then Posts Archive.

✓ Changed your mind and want to publish the photo? You can tap the three dots beside your archived photo and select Show on Profile.

How to hide Instagram photos

In this article, we’ll explore how to hide Instagram photos so they won’t appear on Instagram. Hidden photos can be viewed very quickly, and you can even publish them again if you follow the instructions below, whether you are using an Android or an iPhone.

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  • You can just head over to the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone and open your profile.
  • Now you can open the photo you want to hide from the public.
  • After opening the post, click the three-dots icon from the top right corner of the screen beside the post.
  • Select the first option, Archive, after a menu is revealed for the post. (Right below the hide like count button).

Doing this will hide your preferred post from the public and will stay hidden as long as you bring it back from the achieves! Want to know how to re-publish the post from the archives? Read further!

How to re-publish the archived post on Instagram?

  • Please go ahead and return to your Instagram profile and press the hamburger icon from the top right corner of the screen. (See the below image)
  • Select Archive from the menu.
  • You must ensure you’ve selected the Post archive to see the archived posts. If not, click the above, select Post Archive, and select the preferred post you want to re-publish.
  • Open the post and select the three-dots icon from the right corner of the screen.
  • Select Show on Profile.

If you do all the above steps correctly, you can easily hide Instagram photos without deleting them and bring them back whenever you wish! Thanks for reading.