How To Do A Giveaway On Your Blog or YouTube Channel

Youtube giveaways
  • What are Youtube/Blog giveaways?
  • How Giveaways can help me promote the Youtube Channel / Blog
  • Picking the right Giveaway prize
  • Choosing the right platform to create Giveaways
  • Making sure you follow the Youtube Giveaway guidelines
  • Giveaway running timeline
  • Bringing more Engagement with Giveaways


What are Youtube/Blog giveaways?

Giveaways are a great way to grow your organic presence. With Giveaways, people get a chance to win something in exchange for their email or phone or sharing a particular context with their friends or family.

How Giveaways can help me promote the Youtube Channel/Blog?

If done right giveaways can help you grow faster. It’s 2020 and just asking people to subscribe to your blog or channel won’t work anymore. they need to be awarded something in return so they can find the value.

Giveaways can be giving them money or any other assets they are interested in. The Internet is full of competition and giveaways help you to standalone and grow.

For example – If you are running a merchandise store you can giveaway a flat $100 discount or a free t-shirt as a giveaway.

Picking the right Giveaway prize

It’s important you pick the right giveaway prize. this will help you gain quality leads and low paid to advertise if you are running paid campaigns.

For example, if you are into a beauty niche it would make more sense to give them an eyeliner as giveaway instead of a T-shirt. This would help you upsell your other products whilst bringing engagement to your content your readers are more interested in.

Choosing the right platform to create Giveaways

There are a few services available online which can help you make the giveaways real quick. The most popular ones are  Gleam and Rafflecopter.

The benefit of using these services is you can not only create giveaways but also choose winners real quick. they offer a free version as well.

If you are just looking for a free raffle picker or Youtube comment picker, You can use our Youtube comment picker


Making sure you follow the Youtube Giveaway guidelines

You should make sure you are following the Youtube Giveaway guidelines before launching them to avoid breaches.


Don’t use copyrighted material. YouTube can and will flag you for it, and either remove your content or alter it (e.g. by removing a song or de-monetizing your video).

Contest vs Lottery vs Sweepstakes

U.S. laws differentiate between different contest types. Make sure you market yours correctly – else you may end up breaking the law:

  • Sweepstakes – Completely random and completely free.
  • Contests – Skill-based. Require time and effort to participate in.
  • Lottery – Completely random but not free. Require an up-front fee, as they are, from a legal standpoint, “a means to raise money”.
  • Challenges – An umbrella term for contests with no payoff. These are usually run by communities rather than companies.

Once you’re compliant with laws, move on to get familiar with it…


Giveaway running timeline

The sweet spot for running give away is 1-2 weeks maximum or less than that. It’s a really important marketing tactic to show urgency when you can create giveaways.

Also, don’t launch too many giveaways in a definite time – your aim is to create values using your content, not with giveaways.

Bringing more Engagement with Giveaways

Giveaways can help bring a lot of engagement. You can ask users to comment/share with their friends a particular giveaway snippet or the whole giveaway bringing you more social signals.


To summarize Giveaways can help you bring quality leads to your blog/Youtube whilst you many need to put some budget on it. Feel free to ask questions using the comment section below.




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