How do I find my Facebook account ID

What is a Facebook unique ID 


Facebook unique identification numbers or Your User ID is a string of numbers that doesn’t personally identify you but does connect to your Facebook profile. You have a User ID automatically, whether or not you choose to create a username. Anyone with the user ID can see your profile, including any public information.

It helps other applications personalize your experience by connecting with your Facebook account. When you allow apps to connect with your Facebook account, they can use your user ID to see public information, like your public profile and your friend list. When you run into issues with an app or game, your User ID can help the developer better investigate the problem to understand and address your specific concerns.

Facebook ID, the specific number that was assigned to you when you first joined the site. Facebook assigns each new user a unique identification number. You use this identification number in the Facebook URL to find a user. The user’s profile displays, and you can submit a Facebook friend request or read the user’s Wall posts using the identification number in the URL’s “ID” query string.

On Facebook, an identifier (FB ID) is assigned to most pieces of content. The identifier is a simple positive integer like 12345. You can use the FB ID to cite a piece of content precisely and concisely using the URL<fbid>.
Explained below, a publicly visible FB ID is available for many types of content, though not all types. These identifiers can be used (and abused) in interesting ways.


Here are some URLs of various content on Facebook. The FB ID is indicated in bold:



How do I find my Facebook ID 2019?

Use the facebook ID finder tool and just enter your Facebook URL – Facebook Unique ID finder Tool 


How do I find my Facebook page ID

The tool can be used to find the Page ID as well.


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