How to Clear Reddit Search History

Reddit Search History

Here’s what you need to know to clear your Reddit history so no one can see it.

  • Open your web browser: Clear cached data, and turn off autofill data.
  • Delete particular search phrases: Open the Reddit search box, click X or the trash icon next to the search history to delete.
  • In the Reddit App: Select user icon > Settings > Clear local history > Clear local history.

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How Do I Delete Reddit Search History on the Website?

When you use Reddit on the web, the search history is stored in your web browser, not the website itself. The main site stores the search history data in your browser cache, and the old queries you’ve searched are stored in your browser’s autofill history.

You can also delete the individual terms if you are unwilling to delete the entire history. You’ll see a list of searched terms on Reddit’s search bar where you can click X, or the trash icon found right next to the term you want to remove.

Here’s how to remove Reddit search terms individually:

  • Locate the Reddit website, and click on the search box.
  • Hover your cursor over the search term and click the X or the trashcan icon.
  • As the unwanted term is removed, you can repeat the same to remove more terms.

How to Delete Reddit Search History on Android or IOS?

You can delete your Reddit search history on Android and IOS in almost the same way. The exception is to delete your search history on each and every device your Reddit is connected to.

Here’s how to delete your search history in the Reddit app:

Please Note: On IOS devices, simply navigate to the Reddit app: Tap your user icon > Settings > Clear local history > Clear local history and done!

Follow these steps if you are using Android:

  1. Open Reddit App on your Android and select the profile info on the top right corner of your screen.

2. Select the History option from the menu below the profile info.

3. Click the three dots icon on the top right corner in the History section.

4. Select the Clear History button.

5. If you see the dialogue box, ‘wow, such empty’, your Reddit search history is successfully deleted.

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