Instagram UGC

Instagram UGC to Expand Content Collaboration

Instagram is updating its affiliating marketing policy – they are renaming the Branded Content Ads to Partnership Ads. This is to achieve better communication and enhance Instagram UGC for its evolving approach on the platform. With the introduction of the Partnership Ads banner, Instagram will be able to promote new user content in the application, apart from Paid Partnership label content. 

What is Instagram UGC?

UGC is an Instagram feature that permits businesses to connect with the post in which they have been tagged in regard to specific products and feature it across the shop and storefront. The following are the benefits of Instagram UGC –

  • UGC helps engage the community as users tag your product in their content. 
  • Brands can feature their product in the user’s post with their permission.
  • UGC also helps the consumer make informed decisions, as the user’s post is based on real-life experience. 

Instagram UGC works in the following ways –

  • Once the user posts with a product tagged in, the brand will select an eligible post.
  • After selecting the post, the brand will send a permission request.
  • The content creators accept or decline the request. 
  • Lastly, once the deal is done, the post is shared on shoppable surfaces for more authentic advertisement. 

How does Instagram UGC Help Creators and Brands?

According to Instagram, this will provide new ways for brands to monetize UGC. In addition, it will allow creators to get into partnerships with the brands by magnifying the stakes of potential ad partners that send them permission requests based on what they post. However, the permission process for the Partnership Ads remains the same. In addition, creators will also be able to switch to the ‘Allow Brand Partner to Boost’ option, allowing the businesses to use the creators’ posts for ads. This will help the brands initiate the campaign process, allowing the creators to approve partnerships of the post that the brand has selected to use in a paid promotion.

Instagram UGC

The permission request also enables brands to create the Ads from the user’s handle without any existing IG post. This is a defined partnership established through a broader agreement with the creator. The updated partnership ad process is part of Instagram’s push on UGC, in addition to the platform testing out a new approach. This will help the brands feature users’ photos and videos in their IG shop for better product promotion. 


Instagram is planning on establishing better opportunities for creators, especially those making reels. Also, the launch of Instagram Reels analytics, has helped the creators keep track of their performance – the higher the engagement, the more will be the chances of brands approaching. The new methods and updates keep the creators engaged and motivated to use the application. Also, it gives better opportunities for the brands to create awareness of their product through Instagram UGC.