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Instagram Adds New Reel Analytics to its Umbrella

With so many updates in the Meta company, Instagram has come up with new updates – Reel Analytics. Instagram also merged several creative tools, similar to CapCut, into the video composer screen to create more unique and outstanding content. You can add video, stickers, filters, audio track editing, and more.

They say – “This makes it easier to align the time elements of your reels to the right moment in a more visual way. Keep an eye out for even more exciting tools as we continue to invest in more ways to make editing your reels simpler and easier.”

CapCut is one of the most used applications, with more than 200 million active users, which is still growing. 

What are Reel Analytics?

Reel analytics is data you must look at to understand how your reels perform. It is important to provide a current benchmark for your reel performance. However, reel analytics help you create better content to reach a large audience. Also, this could be a great tool for marketers and social media managers to make the most out of their content.

First, Instagram added a discovery factor, enabling you to find trends – hashtags and audio. With the help of the Reel trend, you can figure out which audio can bring in more audience. It is a great addition to the reel research, which can help you improve your performance. 

Instagram will now provide insight into your reels, giving you more data to plan and schedule your following content. They have added two metrics to track your performance – total watch time and average watch time.

As Instagram says – “We’re improving Reels insights to help you better understand how your content is performing. And making it easier to see your insights while viewing your reels directly.”

But the question is, what is average and total watch time? Well, the answer to it is very simple. The total watch time captures the time your reel was played, including the time to replay the content. In contrast, average watch time captures the average time spent playing your reel, which is then calculated by dividing the watch time by the total number of plays.

Reel Analytics

To check the insight, click on the Professional Dashboard, then click on See All in the Account Insight option.

It is said the update can be misleading. This is because if a user replays your reel several times and watches only for the first few seconds, the average time spent on your content reflects engagement peaks. 

With all these, Instagram has come up with notification updates. You will be alerted to who is following you based on what reels. They also plan to develop a virtual Gift element where your fans can send you gifts. This can be great as you will remember the names of your supporters or followers, and fans love when you remember their names. 

Also, reel analytics can be great for tracking your performance and taking necessary steps to improve shortcomings. IG reels have played an important role in boosting businesses’ visibility and are considered Meta’s key engagement driver over the last two years. It is also said that IG can be proved excellent with all the upcoming updates if TikTok gets banned.