How to delete your Facebook profile picture

You just joined Facebook Added a nice profile picture and what? you are getting a lot of unwanted comments or you are afraid your profile picture may get miss-used! We are going to discuss in this blog post, How you can delete the profile picture or you a security guard to disallow downloading the profile picture. If you would like to delete your Facebook account refer to this.

Turn on the profile picture guard for my current Facebook profile picture?

When profile picture guard is turned on:
  • Other people can’t tap ShareSend in a messageshare externally, or Download from your current profile picture on Facebook.
  • Only you and your Facebook friends can tag your current profile picture.
  • An image of a shield is added to your current profile picture.

Step 1 – Login to Your Facebook account

Step 2 – From your profile, click your profile picture. > Click Options.

Step 3 – Click  Turn On Profile Picture Guard and Save.

If you don’t even want your friends to see your profile picture and completely want to remove it, you can delete the profile picture as well.

Some people like to use Facebook just to manage Facebook pages, groups, or any other admin activities, in this case, also you would prefer to keep your identity private or use your Facebook account just for the business activities. Below are the steps to remove your Facebook profile picture completely anyway.

How do I delete a Facebook profile picture?

Step 1 – Login to Your Facebook account

Step 2 – Click your profile picture in the top right.

Step 3 – Click Photos, then click Albums.

Step 4 – Select the Profile Pictures album.

Step 5 – Click  in the top right of the photo you want to delete and select Delete Photo.

Step 6 – Click Delete to confirm.


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