Switch Between Accounts on Facebook and Instagram Under Meta

Facebook and Instagram to be under Met

Meta has recently announced its test to switch between Instagram and Facebook accounts for iOS, Android, and web users worldwide. They plan to bring the two platforms under one umbrella, where users can create accounts and receive notifications for both accounts in one place.

The company stated in a blogpost, ‘Today we are introducing new features that will make it easier for people on Facebook and Instagram to access, create, and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles.

‘We know many people use more than one of our apps to pursue different interests, reach a broader audience, or share different aspects of who they are with different groups. With that in mind, we are simplifying the process of creating and switching between accounts and profiles,’ the company added. 

Facebook and Instagram to be accessed under Meta

With the increase in the trend of TikTok, introducing switching accounts might fuel up the users’ engagement by making it look less monotonous to open and close accounts. 

This simply reduces the monotony, and a user can create a new Instagram account with an existing Facebook account, and vice versa. Though Meta, formerly Facebook, was strictly against the idea of creating multiple accounts, it has changed the protocols recently. It may be mainly due to the increase in digital identity, especially among young audiences. 

The company also concluded that it is introducing a new account registration and login process so that new users can create accounts for one of the platforms and can also sign in for the other one. 

Once a new account is created, or any existing account is added, users will get notified. Hence, they can use both platforms and enable the ‘connected experience’ if their accounts are in the same Account Center. The two-factor authentication still exists for safety from cyber theft and phishing. 

Also, Meta added that they might bring WhatsApp under their umbrella.