How to Spot a Fake Friend Request

Did a beautiful girl send you a friend request on facebook? are you thinking, this is a real account or fake account?

Nowadays we heard lots of scams on Facebook. There are lots of peoples they are interested in your personal information, for this reason, some people created the fake account. You are thinking that Why Someone Create a Fake account and Sends a Fake Friend Request?
People created a fake account because they want something from you.

Here are some reasons, why someone sends you a friend request:

Scammers: For scamming purpose

This kind of People created the fake account only for getting your personal information which might be restricted to the “Only Friends”. This information may include your contact information or Mail Id or other that might be helpful for them to set some scams.

Your EX: For personal reason

If your relationship ends badly, and you block/unfriend your Ex from facebook. It might be possible that your Ex created the fake account to be again friend with you or any other personal reasons.

A Private Investigators:

Private investigators can use false profile friend requests to learn more information about you.

Why It is important to spot the fake account?

It is much important to find out the fake account because somebody with a fake account is as dangerous as a hacker. The purpose behind of this friendship is may be as harmless as a mind game, or there may be much more, such as your money, goods, property or setting you to steal your identity or valuable information from you that they can use to manipulate someone else.

How to spot a fake request?

Here are some things which tell you, the account is fake or real?

1. Name:

This is the first thing we should look at. Fake accounts often give the hind as the profile has :
-combinations of most popular names + surnames or
– The profile has the less popular name
If you don’t know the person or you don’t see any mutual friends on that persona’s account, think twice while accepting the friend request.
or If you are not sure, ask some questions like, What makes them want to be your friend? How did they find out about you? Who do you know in common?
If that account has some mutual friends, then contact your friends and ask about this profile.

2. Profile Picture:

The next step is to check the profile and the cover picture of that account. This also helps us to find out the account is fake or not.
Profile pictures typical for fake accounts:
– Photos of models/beautiful girls or boys.
– Photos in which people are wearing military uniforms.
– Photos of paintings, cartoon characters or pets.
– Photos in which people are wearing extremely luxurious clothes.

3. Read the profile carefully:

Check their profile carefully, because most of the fake accounts don’t have much more information on their profile or most of the information is hidden. Also, check what kind of content this profile shares.  You won’t see a lot of activity on a fake profile because they don’t have that much time to create real content. Also, you won’t see any check-ins and status. You may see some pictures of models on their profile.

4. Check out their friends:

Check their friend-list is public or private?  If the friend-list is public, then this may a real account. After that check the total number of friends. If this account has less friend then this profile will be a fake account.

5. Block the request:

If you don’t have a good feeling about this account, then don’t accept the friend request or else you can report to the facebook, or you can block that person. For this
– Go to your facebook account
– Click on their Facebook name, and go to their Timeline.
– On the right, under the Cover Photo, click on the Message settings
– You can block them from contacting you.

Whenever you received any random friend request, go through the above steps and, find out the Facebook profile is real or fake? Be safe from your side.


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