Identify if Facebook account is Fake or Real

Now days we usually get too many friend requests on Facebook, most of them are from girls. There is no way to identify that the account is fake or real. This article will take you through how can you easily find out that the account you got friend request from is real or fake.

So this is an Facebook account named as Anukamlika Heager. Now follow the steps written below :

  1. Right click on the image of Anukamlika Heager.
  2. Select Copy image address or Copy image url.
  3. Go to this link.
  4. Click on the camera icon which is used for search by image.
    Once you click on the camera icon to search by image, a popup will appear. Seleact Paste image URL.
  5. Now paste the image address or url in the textfield.
  6. Click on Search by image button. You will see differen pages which contains the same image.

Now you can identify easily that this Facebook account is Real or Fake. So this Facebook profile is Fake. Always make sure when you are going to add a beautiful or smart unknown person as your friend. So be checked first. There are lots of fake Facebook profiles created everyday on Facebook.

Facebook doesn’t have any algorithm to check if the Facebook profile is real or fake and instantly delete the account if that is fake.

Most of the fake Facebook account have birth date 1st of January, so please check birth date of that particula person. Fake person might try to win your trust first. The fake person you are going to add might be spy who can steal your personal information, photos, email etc. So be safe online.