Facebook Safety Tips to Keep YourSelf Safe.

We know that Facebook is a great social media platform. There are lots of talks and issues about Facebook safety. The most important thing is securing your account from hackers.

Here are some steps to secure your Facebook account.

1) Set Strong Privacy Setting.

Most of the peoples are spending so much time on social media, and mostly on facebook. It is necessary to set a strong privacy setting to your social media accounts because on social media you are sharing your personal information and if this information got hacked, bad people will misuse it and the result of this, you might face some major problems. So whenever you create an account in any social media, Make sure you set a strong privacy setting.
Here are the steps to set your facebook accounts privacy setting.
i. Log in your account, then go to the setting.

ii. Click on the setting button.

iii. Then you will redirect to this page, edit the setting as you want. Also, check the security and log in.

Also, it is good to set the two-factor authentication. To set this up, click on the down arrow, the upper right corner of your screen and select “Settings.” Then click on “Security and Login.” Then click “Set up two-factor authentication.” You will see this:

2) Create a Strong Password.

If your password is too simple, then someone easily guesses it and break into your account. If you want to make your data secure, choose a password difficult one, so that no one will guess it. once you set your password don’t share it with anyone.
Always make sure when you are using public computers, you logged out of facebook completely.

3) Don’t post any Contact Information on your Profile.

Don’t make your personal mail id and cell phone number visible on your profile. If you do post this info, it is possible that hackers misuse your information. Whenever you are updating your status make sure you check your status privacy setting.

4) Don’t post your Location on your Profile.

Don’t post your location on any social media. Criminals or hackers could use your location information to track you.

5) Be Smart about what you Post

There are some things that you should never post on social media. If you post something, it should not affect other people, if that happens, people can take action against you in the future, So be smart what you post.

6) Blocking and Restricting:

There is also an option to block the person. If you think that someone from your friend list has a fake account and you don’t want to share your information with them. You can block that person or you can report to the facebook. There is an option “Blocking” in a setting.

Manage blocking also gives you the option to decide who is allowed to send you messages, chat with you and allows you to contact.

7) If your Account gets Hacked report it immediately.

If you are also worried about your Facebook account, this is the things which tell you that, your Facebook account has been hacked or not?. If your account gets hacked, report immediately to the Facebook.com/hacked. when you report them. Then Facebook will guide you through some steps.

Hackers may try and impersonate you using your hacked account for the purpose of getting your friends to fall for their scams, So be safe.

By taking the above precautions, you will connect with any social media confidently.


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