10 Things You Should Never Post on Facebook.

Facebook is a great platform to share your opinion. Because of this advantage, most of the people like to share their ideas and knowledge on Facebook. Most of the people spend lots of their time on Facebook. As like there are so many advantages of Facebook, there are some disadvantages as well.

Are you also spending lots of time on Facebook? If you like to spend your time on Facebook, you must know what kind of content you are posting on Facebook. Due to your information on your social sites, possibilities that someone will hack your account, and the result of this you will be in big trouble.

Facebook is meant to connecting with people whom you know in reality in a much better way. Nowadays people use Facebook to connect with the stranger. It is a great thing for making new friends on social media only if they are good people. If they are bad people then you have to suffer lots of difficulties. So doing any activities on social media think twice.

Here are some things that you should never post on Facebook or any social media:

1. Your current location:

You should avoid sharing your current location on social media. This is not a bad thing sharing your location on social media but the thing is someone will track you through this and the possibilities are you might find in big trouble. It is ok to share your happy time on Facebook, but while sharing your personal things on Facebook you should aware of some scams.

2. Your Full Birthdate:

Sharing your birth date on Facebook may provide a piece of important information to the scammers to find out your identity.
keep in mind, don’t post your birth date on Facebook, there may be a lot of people who have an eye on you.

3. Your personal Phone Number and Home Adress:

Again you never know who has an eye on you. Don’t post your Home address and phone numbers on Facebook, unless your Facebook profile is a very narrow one with few trustworthy people. If you want to add your phone number and home address on Facebook. Add it, just remember to change the setting from Public/Friends to Only Me for security. Be safe from your site.

4. Adult Content:

We know that the internet is a public place. where you can share your ideas. Use Facebook for your goods. Don’t post any kinds of content that do not match with the Facebook policies or seeing this post people feel ashamed.

5. False or Untrue Statements about someone:

Don’t use any social media as a tool for revenge. Posting some bad things on Facebook or any social media you are hurting that person. If you are hurting someone and due to this activity someone will get depressed or did something wrong. You will not only feel guilty for the whole life but might also be charged under the law, for it. Don’t do these kinds of things.

These are the things you should never post on Facebook.


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