How To Find Out Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Ever think that who visited your Facebook profile? You also have the same question in your mind. Also, we are always curious about who visited our profile. All we wanted to know how many people and who visited the profile,  here are some tricks that tell you who visited your profile.

With the help of these methods, you can find out who visited your facebook profile very often.


By using google chrome extension you can find out who viewed your facebook profile, for this you just need to follow the following simple steps

i. Visit the social profile extension page. This is a chrome extension.

ii. Then click on “Add To Chrome” for adding this extension.

iii. And wait for the download to get finished.

iv. After that, you will get one pop-up about add extension or not,  Click on Add Extension.

v. Then go to your Facebook and log in with the account.

vi. Once you are on facebook, just look at the timeline bar, you will see there is one more option named “Visitors” have been added



We know that so many people visit our profile and we are always curious to find out who is checking our profile, here are some steps to find out who visited facebook profile.

i. Go to your facebook account

ii. Wait for the page to load completely.

iii. Then right click on anywhere on the page and select ” View Page Source”.

iv. A new tab automatically open, this page has information about your page.

v. Press CTRL + F to open the search box, and then copy paste this into it “InitialChatFriendsList”.

vi. Now you will get the ID of people who visited your profile.

vii. Then just go to and paste the ID number from that page along with a “\”.
For example, if the ID is 1007, you have to put it like-

viii. The first Id shows who visited your profile more often.

Using these two methods you can easily find out ” who visits your facebook profile”.


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